solo exhibitions

2007 Aer()sculpture Project, Material Research Institute, April, Lehigh University & Penn State University, Philladelphia, USA

2007 Athens: Culture's Soul, Museum of Telecommunication, March, St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 11 aer()sculptures Museum of Cycladic Art, October 3-21, Athens, Greece, EU catalog

2005 First International Astronautical Academy's (IAA) International Conference, Impact of Space on Society, March 16-19, 2005, Millenaris & Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary, EU

2004 7th ESG Conference on Glass Science &Technology, April 25-28, 2004, Athens Greece, EU

2003 7th Intern.Symposium on Aerogels, November 2-5, 2003, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

1995 (L)egaux & l'ego, retrospective installation, City University of Paris, France, EU

1994 In the Circulation of Red Trees, project in situ, Garden of City University of Paris, France, EU catalog

1987  Overview of Crete, project in situ with the support of 250 children Herakleion, Crete, Greece, EU